Hello world,

I have two big passions in my life : the environment and traveling ! This is why being a contributor to this blog is only logical 🙂

I am, along with my sister, one of the best examples of the French-German friendship : French mum and German dad, I’m a proud citizen of both countries. I grew up in Germany as well as in France and went to school in both. This gives me quite an unique perspective on the different education systems in Europe.

I graduated with a Masters degree in Environmental Policy from the SciencesPo University in France in 2013 and I am currently working as a sustainable development consultant in Brisbane, Australia. I am looking to move to Mexico with my partner by the end of the year : I’ve already lived there for 2 years in the past and I’m just missing the cheap beers, the delicious tacos and the good vibes of Mexicans.

I am a digital nomad, meaning I can work from anywhere where I can find a Wi-Fi connection. This lifestyle allows me to travel for long amounts of time and live in different, exciting countries. So far, I’ve set foot on all continents except Antarctica… but I’m working on changing that 😉 Some of the bigger adventures (non-exhaustive) I was able to do so far were :

  • Backpacking from Panama to Mexico in 3 months
  • Spending one month in Niger with some students working on an environmental project (transforming old plastic bags into bricks)
  • Travelling the East Coast of Australia in a van with my partner for a few months… showers not included 😉

My love for traveling originates from an exchange year I did when I was 16 : I had the awesome opportunity of living in Thailand with a Thai family for a whole year. I count this year as one of the most important ones in my life : it helped make me into the adult I am today 🙂
Next planned adventure : Riding the Panamericana Highway on my bike from Alaska to Ushuaia