Munichs best Christmas Markets – Part Two: Pink Christmas

“Love is always the right direction” is the motto of this Christmas market and absolutely right!

After introducing you to the most traditional annual Christmas Market in Munich last week I now want to tell you about one of the newest Christmas Markets.

Pink Christmas
It´s a small market, but as you can see, it gets pretty busy!

The small annual thematic Christmas Market I would like to introduce you to, is Pink Christmas. It is the official LGBT Christmas Market and decoration-wise held in guess what colour? Pink!

One shop even sells almost everything in pink!

I visited it for the first time this year and immediately fell in love with it. Besides also some traditional sales booths there are some with absolute curiosities you would never see at any other Christmas Market.

One can buy all sorts of curious and hilarious Christmas ornaments.
This one I am actually considering to buy at my next visit 🙂
You can even buy erotic art at this Christmas Market 😀
A cup with a cause

My most favourite part about it were the cups they served the mulled wine in. Since the wedding of gay people has been finally officially legalised this year in Germany the organisers used the cups to say THANK YOU! Since this was a big long awaited step, I love this gesture. Although the only difference to the beforehand possible “officially registered partnership”, now gay people can adopt children as well. This means so many more children will find a loving home not only through temporary fostering, but forever and that makes one hell of a difference in my opinion!

Best mulled wine cup EVER! And the mulled wine is delicious, too 😀

The Pink Christmas Market is now in its 13th year. While it was initially started by members of the local queer community it is open for everybody no matter what their sexual orientation. You can drink delicious mulled wine in a personal atmosphere and have I already mentioned the lovely decoration?

Even though I would never hang this is my own home, I find it kind of fabulous!

You can find it at the Stephansplatz in the Glockenbach quarter near the Sendlinger Tor. To check the daily entertainment program click here.

What are your thoughts on this wee Christmas Market? Do you have a similar market in your town or know of one elsewhere in the world?



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