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My name is Eva and I was born with Wanderlust in my blood. Over three generations the women of my family not only had the urge to travel, but claimed themselves the right to do so. My mother even made it her career, founding a wee cultural tour operator, taking my sister and I on tour even while we were still in her womb.

I therefore had the opportunity to see much of Europe already by an early age. Once I was old enough, I took every opportunity to actually live in different countries as well in order to soak up their culture and customs even more. Besides my home country, Germany, I have so far lived in Italy, Scotland, New Zealand and Canada.

In the forbidden city, Beijing, China, 2015

Always socially conscious, doing a lot of volunteering in my youth, I take a particular interest in responsible travel. This means travelling while leaving a positive effect on the destination or at least diminish the negative ones. It also shall encourage more actual cultural exchange, rather than the come, see and after me apocalypses, if you know what I mean. To see how I define the difference of responsible travel vs. sustainable tourism click here.

I had always had a favel for writing and photography, but did so mainly for my own entertainment, to deal with difficult situations in my life or to share stories with my friends and family while being abroad. This has, however, decreased slowly, but surely, with my progression in the professional work, which I now decided to change for good.

My camera and I in Portugal 2014.
My camera and I in Portugal 2014.

As the founder and administrator of this blog, I have committed to this site to not only share my life and adventures, but also to raise awareness of important issues such as intercultural communication and sustainability.

However, as I know I don’t know everything, you will find blog posts of guest authors such as Fran and Tatiana to share their expertise and experiences on this site as well. I will also add links over time to sites I think you may be interested in here.

I hope you enjoy your read, I am happy to have you around 😉

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