3 inspiring TED talks on sustainable tourism

TED talks can be a source of inspiration and food for thought on a variety of topics. Below I gathered my three most favourite TED talks on sustainable tourism showing us the opportunities that sustainable tourism offers locally, internationally or globally.

1) For more tolerance, we need more…tourism? – Aziz Abu Sarah

Aziz Abu Sarah managed with his project what is my dream. Bringing people together through tourism, reducing xenophobia through tourism. His speech for TED is absolutely inspiring and a must see for everyone interested in the power of tourism.

2) Meaningful value for tourists and locals alike – Somsak Boonkam

One of the major shortcomings of tourism today is that while host destinations and communities are exploited for touristic endeavours, mainly a very few foreign international corporations gain from this. Somsak Boonkam shows how he managed to get the local communities more involved in tourism so the destination gains from tourism as well as just being used for it.

3) New life for old towns through sustainable tourism – Alex Kerr

In his amazing TED talk Alex Kerr shows how sustainable tourism can not only be a way to preserve culture, but also to revive it. This can therewith not only increase international, but also domestic tourism and shows us on the example of Japan a world of opportunities.

Did you find any other inspiring talks about sustainable tourism?

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